What are orbs

orbs of light

VIP Message for Kaia: What are orbs, and why am I suddenly seeing them in videos? God bless you, Kaia McNeil In my professional experience, orbs of light are angels. The smaller, twinkling kind are the elementals, angels that watch over Earth and animals. These are more often witnessed outdoors for obvious reasons. Orbs of […]

Divine order

Divine Order

Angel Message: Your life is in divine order as it is. Right here and now is where you are supposed to be. A life with intention, meaning, and purpose. Everything that’s happened to you and will occur in your life is as it should be; it is a spiritual journey. It can’t be like anyone […]

A soul contract

soul contract

VIP Message for Leanne: One question is for my daughter, Olivia, who is now in spirit; Would doing hypnosis, Past Life Regression, and energy work heal cancer, or was it a soul contract for her to have a short life? Thanks, Leanne Laura Lee: I’m very sorry for your loss, Leanne. What you experienced is […]

In your imperfections

Angel Message: In your imperfections lies your perfection. The flaws you identify as rough on the surface or deep within are measured against society, family, religion, or any other person or institutional expectations. Scars are not liabilities, as you or others perceive, but are assets for your life. In truth, they make you whole. Lay […]

You’re never alone

Messages of Love Story by Diana I remember when you said, “you’re never alone.” I had one of those days when I felt like no one cared, and I felt lonely. I tried asking a couple of people I knew if they’d like to walk with me, but everyone was too busy or ignored my […]