COVID vaccine; OK?

COVID vaccine; OK? ~ VIP Message: I speak to my spirit guides, ascended masters, and angels all the time, but I can’t hear them, so I’m hoping through you they can answer my question. My question is this if I get the Covid vaccine, will I be OK? There’s a long story as to why […]



Messages of Love from Linda: I believe in angels. When I spot something ‘angel’ like, such as a sign, figurine, pictures, jewelry, feathers or the even when someone says or is named ‘angel’, I feel as if my angels are watching over my path ~ as if they had brought me to that moment in […]

I forgive


Messages of Love Story by Alexandra: My ex and I have agreed on divorce terms, which is a great relief.  When I went to pick up our kids this morning I could sense he was emotional. I turned to him and said thank you for working with me to get a settlement (after 3 1/2 years […]

More positive

Messages of Love Story from Bill: I always try to cancel things out, that don’t appear good, with something more positive. I was in bed a couple years back when I saw a talk dark shadow with white eyes. I was numb all over. Every inch of my body was paralyzed. I just felt sad […]

I loved her

Message of Love from Allen: My neighbor lady that we called Aunt Nanette (appeared to me) when I was asleep. She woke me up. (She) stood by my bed and told me she died. She was wearing a blue dress. Aunt Nanette told me to have my mom and dad check on her in the […]