Angel Message for Week 1/11 ~ The Angel of Education plans to visit you this week to teach you about finding harmony with others in your life. It appears that the harmony you seek are with those closest to you; family and or friend(s). It is so simple, but it means that you have to make a change, basically a mental shift that will lead to a physical shift, by accepting the facts about yourself and the other person(s). The lyrics from Pink Floyd song, “We don’t need an education…” come to mind as I write this message for you ~ which means that this is an idea that you’ve resisted so long, and or overlooked, because, in the past, you didn’t mind the drama, strain, and or friction with this person/people. Those hard emotions are clear signs that whatever you are doing isn’t working 🙂  With all of life challenges, it just takes too much time and energy…and it drains your power. You all desire a change ~ to learn something new to grow…empower. It is not difficult; Just trust what your instincts say to do. Trust what other people say, and do, as clues to make the right decisions that honor, respect, and bring harmony in your relationships.

Long story short, I recently found more harmony with my daughter when we were getting ready for school in the mornings. I felt exhausted every morning when I had to micromanage her every move to get her out the door. I thought she couldn’t do it on her own; brush her hair/teeth, dress herself, have her book bag ready, and lunch prepared. We butted heads. She resisted my direction and insisted that she could do it herself 🙂 I had a hard time believing this was true. SO hard as a parent to let go and let your kid grow up. I finally surrendered and gave her the freedom to prepare herself for school. Sometimes, it meant that she forgot school work or gym clothes at home…but letting her learn from those little hiccups helped her become self sufficient.  It’s taken us a few weeks to find our groove, but now we have found more peace and happiness in our mornings… when I finally stood back and give her the space she needed to grow.

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