Angel Message for Week 6/23: Education ~ I see an Archangel angel instructing a class of angels. But, as angels, they are receiving their education via a transmission. Sort of like telepathy or ‘inspiration from spirit.’ Books also surround their classroom. The class of angels appear enthusiastic to learn this new information and are preparing to put it into practice. Then, in the next scene, these angels, willingly, go to work applying all that they learned in the real world. I believe all this means is that we have to really pay attention to what we learn this week. It may come in a dream, a hunch, and or come from a friend, maybe a stranger. It can also feel like a light bulb went on and everything just makes sense. Since I saw books, you may have previously read about this information (or you may read something about your hunch) and all these signs are inspiring you to do something about it. Pay attention to inner signals for confirmation. You’ll know when it resonates within you ~ because there is a sense of enthusiasm to make a move. Don’t hesitate. Just do. This is the week where you crescendo and everything clicks. Reread the angel message for June….Keep me posted on any updates. Love hearing from you! Bless, LL

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