Angel Message for week: The ‘Angel of Forgiveness’ will help you let go of that tight grip on a person(s) you feel has done you wrong. It is your ego holding on to that angst for self preservation ~ it makes you believe that you are right being angry to ’show’ them! But in reality, the only person your anger harms is you ~ and on a daily basis! Sometimes these unchecked emotions can make you ill. Whether or not the other party intentionally meant to harm you, its over now…it was in the past. Only you keep it in the present moment by preserving the memory.  In the future, just be clear about your limitations and your boundaries with this person(s). IF the concept of forgiveness is hard for you, simply visualize this person(s) in front of you and see a white light shine down on you both. Take a deep inhale of that light and exhale from the heart, sending them love and light from your heart and to clear all blocks. Do this 3x and or has many times until you release the angst from your heart. Then see this person(s) dissolve in the white light while forgiving them for their misdeed. Then thank the light (God/Angels/Guides) for helping you release the anger from your heart and restoring it with the  love ~ your true nature. IF the same issue pops up again for you, do the exercise again (and again) until it is no longer plagues your heart. Peace and harmony will be restored in your relationship with self and onto others ~ freeing your energy to live life. Peace in our world begins with peace within ourselves ~ Be an active agent. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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