Angel Message for Week; The ‘Angel of Freedom’ is giving you courage this week to think, speak, and act more freely; To be you. Do you have the courage to live your life freely? You always had the choice to live in this manner. The power is within you, but fear buries this truth. For instance, fear will say to you; This kind of thinking (about XYZ) will get me into trouble; What will they think if I say XYZ? What will they say if I do XYZ? Or if you hear yourself making excuses such as ‘I shouldn’t’ or ‘I can’t’ are good reasons you ‘should’ and you ‘can’. IF you feel angst fester in your heart, that you need speak up or take action ~ do so immediately. IF you still are scared and need help to banish the fear, invite the’ Angel of Freedom to intervene on your behalf (not only this week, but anytime) so that you can live more free. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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