About the future

About the future ~ VIP Message for Lynn:

What can you tell me about the future of the relationship I’m in?

Laura Lee: If you have to ask the question, then doubt rests in your heart Lynn. 

    When in doubt, don’t… 

The relationship feels unstable. I sense a shaky foundation. One reason, I suspect, is tied with another party outside the relationship. This might have something to do with children. 

    If that makes sense to you, then this is a confirmation to the message. 

I wouldn’t count on this relationship blossoming (for the long haul). I sense someone is non-committal. There is no clear definition of what this relationship is ~ let alone if there is a future. No one wants to discuss the future.  Or if it was brought up, indirectly, it’s not entirely clear to the other person that the future is an objective. This aspect will not change over time. Due to a painful past with love, I believe one person (or both) simply doesn’t know what they want anymore in terms of a relationship.  

    Do you know what you want in a relationship? 

I suggest you write down what is you need and or want from a relationship as a guideline. This makes it clear to the universe; Your heart, and soul, what you desire to bring about in your life. Then I suggest you relay your true intentions, be clear, to the other party. Trust the response from the other person speaks their personal ‘truth.’ 

I hope this helps ~ keep me posted! Bless, LL

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