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VIP Question from Teri: Does my boss see what a great job I’m doing at work?

Medium Laura Lee: This is a complex question and requires more than a yes or a no. I see a bonus (and/or a raise) but the percentage isn’t much of a blip for you; this may be true about your past….and indicative of your future ~ if you don’t make some adjustments to your approach. It’s not that you haven’t performed, it’s just that you may get lost in the shuffle. Your boss is very overwhelmed, like anyone else these days, where more work is asked of individuals without more pay to compensate the load. That may have been your story too ~ right? So while you may be recognized as a valuable player, part of the time, you may also fall under the radar too because they forget or are too self absorbed in their own personal/professional quagmire. To overcome this dilemma, you have to toot your own horn. This is where you have to overcome your fears and step up to the plate to plead your own case. No one else will do it for you. For instance, if you haven’t had a yearly review, take the bull by the horn Tammy ~ and make it a point to schedule that time with your boss so that you know where you stand 🙂 I know this sounds easier said than done, but ask/affirm/pray for strength and courage to make it happen. Make sure you have documented points of what you’ve accomplished over the year (begin a new page for 2016) that has made a positive impact to your company’s (departments) bottom line; saved money or made money so that you are prepared to demonstrate your worth to your boss. Department efficiency, to make your boss’s job easier, are secondary points. In that past, you may have accepted whatever management offered based on their personal agenda and assessment. But everything is negotiable, especially when you lay down your chips by demonstrating where you are a valuable asset to your boss/team. I think when you have self respect (value yourself) and show your worth, you will be respected in return; offered more opportunities ~ giving you choices. This can mean a relocation assignment and or other projects to help you stand out from the pack. In the past, you may have shy’d away from these opportunities because of family obligations. But now, you can’t stand in the shadows anymore, your family needs you more than ever….this in turn will inspire your spirit too with new challenges! Keep me posted.

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