Angel Message for Week 7/27 ~ Humor: The ‘Angel of Humor” will drop in this week (She is dressed as a clown) to help you make light of things where they may seem a bit dark. There is a saying that ‘Angels can fly because they can take themselves lightly’. Her mission is to help you fly too by shifting your perspective in how you see things. She may inspire joy by helping you laugh at yourself and or with others. More importantly, it will positively effect the relationships you have with others and including those closest, such as your kith and kin. Please be open to this mental and spiritual shift so that it can take place on the physical dimension too. If you haven’t seen anything towards the weekend, please invite this angel into your sacred space to help you lighten the load and witness such blessings into your life. She reveals a tiny package opening in the palm of her hand, as you can expect her ‘gift’ this week. This may mean a literal gift (material manifestation) and/or it can mean the lightness of being you can expect from her energy healing on your heart. I also sense that this means you have finally learned a life lesson that will no longer plague you, rather you feel expansion and growth ~ lifting you to new heights. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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