I am blocked

I am blocked ~ VIP Message for Bria: I am hoping that you (Laura Lee) could ask my reiki guide for help because I am blocked from her. She doesn’t know I’m trying to talk to her. I need help. She was helping me and a certain group is keeping me from talking to her. Her name is Eva. She has white hair and wears it in a bun. I need a psychic to do this. Thanks for your help.

Laura Lee: You are never alone Bria. Eva, your guide, is always within reach. It’s you, not her, that can’t receive. One reason, for the disconnect, is that you’re giving away all your power to outside forces. They cannot control you. When we are in fear; Grieving, sad, scared, angry, greed, paranoid, etc ~ these lower energies can block us from clearly receiving guidance. The good news is that you can take back control by how you respond to this challenge. Here are suggestions to take back your power, restore energy and reconnect to your inner guidance system. 

1. Give yourself tender loving care for clear reception. 

Rest ~ Sleep deprivation lowers energy and causes a disconnect to spirit. Make sure you’re getting the required amount of rest your body needs to function.

Diet ~ An unhealthy diet lowers energy and causes disconnect to spirit. Eat foods that fuel your body to make you feel good and energetic, not drowsy.  

Exercise ~ Our energy can become stagnate when we don’t move our body, disconnecting to spirit. Exercise every day, like walking, riding a bike, or take the steps, to rev up your engine. 

NOTE: If you’re sick, your body requires extra tender loving care; do more than your daily average. Detox from recreational drugs/alcohol for clarity. IF your doctor requires medication, it can hinder your connection too. However,  manage by following the above prescriptions for rest, diet and exercise. I also recommend meditation to release stress. Finally, step outdoors for 10-15 minutes and soak in Vit D from sun. The natural light source will instantly restore your energy. 

2.  Use your reiki methods for clear reception. Your guide has taught you well enough. It is time to use the tools you gained and apply them on yourself. Clear your chakras, channels, to plug into source. Use your reiki tactics daily. I see this challenge as a way to enhance your skill sets ~ and truly become the master you desire to become! 

3. Ask your guide’s assistance for clarity.  Ask and you shall receive. When I can’t clearly receive guidance, I call upon assistance for clarity ~ to any challenge. It’s human nature to dip at low speeds. When there is interference in reception, I do all above ~ plus, I ask for help.

As a reiki master myself, I can say that we often neglect ourselves when assisting others which can weaken our connection to source. It’s important to schedule daily ‘time outs’ to stay plugged in. 

I recommend reading my latest Angel Message: Healing Hope this helps. Bless, LL

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