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Question from Jatonne: Hi Laura Lee, I wanted to know about the house I am living in for 7 yrs now. Things like keys have gone missing a lot. And there used to be a light in my mom’s closet that used come on by itself.  I told it (the spirit) that, ‘I’m not afraid of you and you need to leave! You are not welcome here!” So I wanted to know who is this person (spirit)? Or is it a fairy?

Medium Laura Lee: Thanks for your vip question Jatonne. You are doing the right thing by telling the spirit that they aren’t welcome and to leave your space. That only needs to be said once (if not a few times) before they should leave. That’s usually my experience and recommendation to others. IF not, call in the white light (angels ~ christ, mother mary, buddha or whomever you feel guided by) to protect your space. Funny you mentioned ‘fairy’ ~ because so many don’t believe, while I see this realm in certain circumstances, I don’t in this case. I get the sense it is more like someone that used to live in the space ~ older female. She considers it still home, so she remains and hasn’t moved into the light. This is common and the spirit is caught up in a ‘control drama’, which means she is just repeating the same pattern as she did while alive. She was very much attached to this home. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

Reply from Jatonne: One time my mom saw an old women talking to herself in her room. And I have seen her in my dreams watching me in every room. I have 6 month old girl and she’s changed a lot of people’s hearts. And I do hope she can change the older woman’s too. By the way, I always call on Archangel Michael and ask for positive energy in love and light.

Medium Laura Lee: And so you shall have love and light! Thanks for confirmation Jantonne…sounds like I’m not the only one who sees her! And yeah, she’s still in her space (literally)! I recommend you ask AA Michael to take her into the light. Since you know what she looks like, visualize this happening and affirm it being done until you don’t sense her presence anymore. As a medium, I clear my space nightly to get a good nights rest. And yes, children do usher in love and light into a space! Bless, LL

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