In your imperfections
Angel Message:
In your imperfections lies your perfection.

The flaws you identify as rough on the surface or deep within are measured against society, family, religion, or any other person or institutional expectations. Scars are not liabilities, as you or others perceive, but are assets for your life. In truth, they make you whole. Lay off beating yourself up about self defects whenever they arise. Embrace that part of yourself with loving appreciation to heal your soul. And your higher self will reveal why the unique trait is in your favor.

Perfection is an unattainable illusion because you are perfect.

You are a child, made in the creator’s likeness, 100% unique no matter your sexual orientation, skin color, intellect, height, size, beauty, talents, skills, or talents. Weakness(es) are your greatest strength(s) seized at the right moment. Close your eyes, and ask how a perceived shortcoming is to your advantage. Trust what you receive. You are who you are supposed to be for a purpose.

Fears are perfectly embedded to make you into your best self.

Worries cause you to rise to meet the occasion. Think back to something you feared in the past and how hard you resisted, yet it came to pass. Sit in silence to recall a moment. You didn’t die yet survived, possibly thrived because it was a failed expectation that appeared real. You mustered the inner strength to get through whatever was thrown at you. What scares you is not what you fear but your fiercely, beautiful, and powerful bright light, as you are, to share with others when called upon.

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