Angel Message for July ~ Integrity: Archangel Michael stands before me in a violet robe emanating a golden light. And I hear the word ‘Integrity’, because he closes his eyes to tune into his inner wisdom. Then, with all his courage, he then leaps off into the abyss 🙂 Surrendering any preconceived ideas or thoughts about past or future. Rather he trusts his guidance to make a leap that all is going to be well. And it IS, because he spreads his wings and soars. This month is about finding the courage to trust your inner wisdom and follow through. Just do it. Archangel Michael is standing by to give you that courage ~ to slash away your fear. If you don’t believe, ask for his assistance. Your inner compass knows a lot more than you think you do… because life has more in store for you than you had previously expected. Just let go of your preconceived ideas and thoughts of how it supposed to happen. Then you’ll soar. Look forward to hearing your feedback. Bless, LL

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