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VIP Message for Lindsey: Hi Laura, I would really really like to know if my current health issue will be resolved, and if it will, how long this might take? I don’t know whether to keep hoping that it will be resolved or whether to surrender to the possibility that it will be a permanent part of my life. I would really really appreciate any guidance you might be able to offer on this issue. Thank you so much x

Medium Laura Lee: The idea you have to ask the question, says you lack faith you’re going to heal Mary. So let’s start by never losing hope. Your doubt adds delay and sends mixed signals to the universe.

As a cancer survivor, there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not grateful for my life and my perfect health. I give thanks everyday despite the occasional minor ailment surface here or there. No one can desire your healing for you, other than you. You have got to want the deep desire, inside your soul, to want to live life at your fullest in good health.

A healing and the amount of time you heal, is up to you ~ not some doctor. While I’m not a physician, I suggest you follow your doctor’s protocol. I recommend the following exercise and reading material.

Healing exercise with angels (Christ, Buddha, Krishna, God or whomever you want to call forth); Before waking or resting each night, be quiet and close the eyes. See the light, like the sun or moon, beam upon you. If you can’t see, pretending is a powerful intention too. Take a deep inhale of light into the heart and upon exhale, welcoming all angels of the white light into your sacred space. Do this three times or more until you can see them in your minds eye surround you ~ placing their hands upon you to heal. See a laser beam of light penatrate the area that needs healing most. The light releases toxins and restores balance, harmony, and perfect peace to your body. You may sense warmth or actual touch upon requesting their presence. State out loud (or within your own mind if anyone is around); “Thank you for restoring my perfect well being emotionally, mentally and physically. I am 100% Healthy.” Stay with the angels presence, in the light, until you feel they are done clearing. It’s okay if you fall asleep. It still works. You can do this at anytime during the day if/when fearful thoughts arise. Cancel and reinitiate this practice as if you are meditating sitting up. Be vigilant. The more you practice, the faster you’ll restore harmony in your body. You’ll be guided to the right people, the right resources, and methodologies to help you restore perfect being.

With practice, this exercise will draw more help to you. Utilize all God’s resources, including traditional and alternative methodologies that make sense in helping you heal.  Don’t ever stop believing ~ taking your health for granted ~ even when a Doctor gives you a clean bill of health. Always give thanks for your perfect health and well being.

I have the sense that herbs may offer a valuable resource to restore well being. I also believe being outdoors in nature, around animals, will help you restore balance. IF you have already been offered, or suggested to go in this direction, and or found studies that may bring relief using these resources, this is a sign that your angels are already working with you to find relief. Keep me posted.

PS I suggest reading You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hays  and reviewing Angel Message for Week: Expectancy. 

Happy New Year! Bless, LL


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