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VIP Message for Andrew:

What is the most important information that my angel would would like for me to know? Thanks, Andrew


Are you listening, Andrew?


You’re stronger than you know!


After everything you’ve overcome in your life, you can hurdle the pending struggle with wings…


because I will carry you.


You’ve received a repeated message, internal and external confirmation, too, to make a career transition.


It is my call to your heart when you receive the message more than three times…now, too many to count!


Go forth and uplift other people (children and parents) spiritually by sharing all that you learned.


It also includes employing the skills you’ve acquired into your new occupation.


Most importantly, this journey is about spiritually uplifting you!


When you coach and teach people, you embody the concepts within to lead others by example.


I inspire you with thoughts or ideas that emit a feeling of peace and joy.


Yet, you’re living inside the bubble of the ‘Groundhog Day’ movie where one man’s life repeats until he gets the point about love and compassion.


There’s no final destination point other than experiencing your adventure with love and compassion; including for self.


You can’t deny this life transition because you can’t stand still anymore; there’s fire within you to go.


No one can extinguish this passion but yourself.


You’re your own worst enemy worrying about ‘how’ it is all to happen.


Forget that nonsense, and let us deal with how you’re going to achieve.


Your job is to do it; take the first step on the next journey that awaits you.


And then you see the second step, then the third step, and thereafter, each step until you materialize form.


Watch and learn closely by those who inspire you most as keys to your path.


I suggest you read Angel Message: Validation or Self-Love for more insight.


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