Angel Message for wk 7/13 ~ Release: The ‘angel of release’ is waving goodbye to all her students riding away on a school bus. I understand that this message is in part of an overall theme to the angel message for the month of July: Education ~ a lesson you’ve finally learned (go back and reread to see what you learned ~ trust whatever comes to you). And now it’s time you let go of all those people and or things that have been holding you back from growing and moving forward in life. I personally saw two things that have come back around for me this month: an old belief that I outgrew, and clung onto, because I was scared ~ and as well a communication behavior that that no longer served me or others in my life. It has required a bit of honesty, self-reflection, to see these things in my life because they really weren’t pretty (and some of it kind of hurt to review) ~ but now I can release them for good with this angel. She gives me sense that the release happens simultaneously by simply becoming aware of the pattern, which is always the first step to healing. Just bless it, when it appears, and this will help let it go.  Really, that is it. Then grace can intervene, because you’ve allowed the heavens to come into your sacred space and do the work on your behalf. You’ve let go, essentially, and ‘let God’ work the miracle. As time moves on, these things (old beliefs, people, and things that no longer serve you) simply fade away because you no don’t give it your time nor energy anymore. Welcome your feedback ~ would love to hear anyone else having insights this month. Bless, LL

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