Responsibility ~ Angel Message:

You take responsibility for your role in a relationship. When it comes to concerns about love, family, friends, and or working relationship, you discover that your way or the highway isn’t an effective method for conflict resolution. It’s finding an approach that works for both sides that will lead to peace and harmony. From the outside looking in, it appears daunting and complicated. The whole thing is draining to think about it. But, it becomes crystal clear how you can resolve a situation upon self-introspection of your past in the dynamic. 

You accept responsibility for the way you communicate with another party. Bite your tongue to resist urges to interject your ideas and thoughts over and over again. It takes all the oxygen out of the air and pushes the other person from you. Start by listening to bring about unity. You’ll learn something new by tuning into what the other person(s) can say to improve relations effectively. Plus, respecting this space speaks volumes more than whatever you can say to the other person(s). It demonstrates that they are of value to you. In turn, you, too, are given the space to air grievances, needs, or wants. 

Accepting responsibility for your behavior improves strained relationships. Effective communications aren’t only verbal but include non-verbal cues too. Do you avoid the issue by staying busy? Were you absent, silent, and or did you speak in a manner that is perceived condescending or passive-aggressive? Body language, tone ~ as well as your thought and actions count too. It helps to clarify who/what/why you came across the way you did so that everyone understands. Show up by being present, actively participating day by day, fosters the long term relationship that you desire. 

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