The ring

Message of Love from Michele: After we spoke, something mystical happened. I was wrapping my pilates equipment with bubble paper for shipping. My ring slipped off my finger and crossed the room (this never happened before). This captured my attention, because I wore my mums wedding ring (from my father). She gave it to me as a present for my 40th birthday. She said, “I don’t have money, but this ring has good value”. Mum wanted me to make the wedding ring into something that what I would want for my birthday, but I really liked the ring the way it was and didn’t want to change it. I thought that I don’t have anything from my father, so I will wear it on my thumb because the ring was too big to wear on my other fingers. I never questioned myself. So after we spoke (and sent my father’s spirit into the light)…. the ring ‘crossed to the other side of the room: I picked up that it’s a message not to put this ring back on anymore. But, I did anyway, yet with concern. I felt it was hard to detach from the energy, but pushed that thought away. Next morning on the way to Airport, the thought to take this ring off came back. I called my friend and explained the situation. She said that she though that it was strange to see a ring on my thumb finger. I wore the ring for three years. She never saw the ring before and had only seen it for the first time that morning. Straight away, I took mum’s (fathers) ring off. Now it is time to transform the ring into something other ~ as my mum said, “Make the ring you want.” I have to admit it’s strange not to have that ring on my thumb. Naturally, I was attached to their energy. I thank my angels for lifting the burden from my heart and blessing my father every evening and morning in meditations. I even feel a warm energy and a bright light after I release his soul.

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