Trying to connect

Trying to connect ~ VIP Message for June:

Hi Laura, my question regards two issues connected to one another. The first is about a love relationship.  I have met this person that I have a deep bond with. Although I feel, at this precise moment, I have to free this person in order to create new energy and commit to her in a different way. I have decided to buy a house on my own (we don’t live together) with many difficulties. However, I struggle with both of these issues. I am trying to reconnect to my guardian angels for help, but I feel the energy is blocked. Whats the best move now for me? Thank you.

Psychic Medium Laura Lee: You already know the answer June! I suggest you go with your gut ~ your feeling and focus on you. Buy/rent your own home. IF this person is really meant to be, they’ll come back around at the right time. In the meantime, stay true to self.  

I know the struggle is real…and I mean that in the most sincerest way. We all experience low points. When our energy is down, it is hard to make a connection to our guardian angels. This also includes people. Mourning love, or letting someone go, can compound those feelings.

I recommend you rev up your energy to reconnect to angels ~ and love ones too.

First, take tender loving care of self. Do what you need to do to boost your energy levels. Start with basics such as proper diet, sleep, and exercise. This also includes buying/renting your own home. Two, be sociable with friends and family who support you. Third, hug people as often as possible (Dr. Kubler Ross, grief author, says that we need eleven hugs a day to thrive. Four hugs minimum for survival!) I get the sense you’re barely making the minimum hug count ~ and that is my confirmation to the above message! 

Finally, ask your angels assistance to effortlessly deliver your new home right away. Speak, sing, laugh, and or shout it out loud so they are clear what it is you want. And always give thanks as it IS done! State something like the following, “Thanks for delivering my new home ~ effortlessly!” It’s all the more powerful if you can visualize your new home too. Keep asking and visualizing until it becomes a reality!

Hope all the helps. Bless, LL

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