Validation ~ Angel Message:
You receive validation from a credible source.

Not only do you value the input and support, but the recognition would mean the world to anyone else in your position. But you’re incredibly grounded about the whole thing. It isn’t like you needed the affirmation to justify your existence. The intrinsic nature that craved attention from your youth was lost long ago. It’s unnecessary to prove yourself to anyone; you already know who you are and your capabilities. Recognition arrives at the right moment when you remembered this truth. Prayers go answered when you surrendered how to achieve results.

Validation arrives when you’re grateful for serving your higher good.

There was a time where you felt it was necessary to prove to the world your worth. Other people’s thoughts and opinions held value. The end goal in mind was to achieve a prize that was a temporary high and wasn’t big enough or came fast enough to satiate your desires. That all changed when you realized that you had lost sight of the real reason why you decided to go on this personal journey. The real reward was discovering yourself. The only sufficient approval was your own, to feel good and serve your higher good. Only then could you happily give to other people because the love came from your heart.

Validation strengthens your conviction that you’re on the right path.

There’s nothing wrong with receiving external assurances that you are appreciated. It doesn’t mean that you’re vain or selfish. Dismissing the opportunity to receive recognition from outside sources is slapping the universe in the face. You stop the flow for your greater good. Soak up the praise as a wilted flower with sunshine to nourish your reservoir, to keep you strong, and growing upward. Receive with open arms, but humbly knowing that the light shining upon you is fleeting and that the clouds can cast their shadow again.

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